Project Activities (2015-2019)

The goal of the nationally representative Sustainable SWD Management team is to develop SWD management tactics that can be integrated into programs for other crop pests. This project extends the work of previously funded SCRI and currently funded OREI projects related to SWD.

Our specific project objectives are:

1. Implement and evaluate SWD management programs

  • 1.1. On-farm evaluation and optimization of SWD management programs
  • 1.2. Build bioeconomic models that measure SWD impact, predict losses, and suggest mitigation strategies
  • 1.3. Provide stakeholders with results, applications, and interpretation

2. Develop tactics and tools that predict SWD risk

  • 2.1. Field validate population models
  • 2.2. Determine sources of SWD populations before and during growing seasons
  • 2.3. Develop monitoring tools that accurately estimate SWD populations and predict infestation

3. Optimize sustainable SWD management programs

  • 3.1. Reduce reliance on insecticides in management programs
  • 3.2. Detect, monitor, and minimize insecticide resistance
  • 3.3. Discover natural enemies capable of contributing to SWD population reduction
  • 3.4. Reduce infestation rates in fruit post-harvest
  • 3.5. Develop genetic SWD management tactics