Contact Information

For questions about the Sustainable SWD Management SCRI Project, contact Dr. Ash Sial. Our project team can be contacted for information on specific project activities.

SWD Management Assistance

If you are a grower or agricultural professional seeking assistance with SWD management, extension specialists in your state are the best resource.

Fruit entomologists with experience with SWD include:

AR – Donn Johnson. University of Arkansas

CA – Kent Daane. University of California, Berkeley. Frank Zalom. University of California, Davis.

FL – Oscar Liburd (blueberries and blackberries), Justin Renkma (strawberries). University of Florida

GA – Ash Sial. University of Georgia

MI – Rufus Isaacs (blueberries, raspberries), Larry Gut (cherries). Michigan State University

MN – William Huchinston, Mary Rogers (organic crops). University of Minnesota

NJ – Cesar Rodriguez-Saona (blueberries), Anne Nielsen (caneberries and cherries). Rutgers University

NY – Greg Loeb. Cornell University

NC – Hannah Burrack. NC State University

OH – Celeste Welty. Ohio State University

OR – Vaughn Walton (blueberries and caneberries), Nik Wiman (cherries). Oregon State University

PA – Kathy Demchak. Penn State University

VA – Doug Pfeiffer. Virginia Tech University

WI – Christelle Gu├ędot. University of Wisconsin